Pasfil Machinery. ve Tic. Ltd. was established in 2005 under the roof of “KULP manufacturer, 1984”. Pasfil aims to bring, provide solutions and machines to filling, bakery and food industry sector, and it is a young and dynamic company.Pasfil Machines company has expanded our products portfolio, by importing from expert manufacturers and world leaders. Filled cookie machines, biscuit molding machines, Mammoul machines, croquet machines, fresh pasta and ravioli machines, crepe machines, kebbe machines, meatball shaping machine etc. . Adding the service, support to our customers in their production establishment process and training.Pasfil Machines are exported to everywhere in the world with its experienced staff, installation, training, spare parts and service offers. All the offered machines are under 2 years of warranty. Pasfil’s References from the leading companies in each sector, are the guarantee of the given service quality from Pasfil Machines company.

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